Privacy Policy

We aim to keep you entertained for as long as you want, and when it comes to the security and safety of your personal details, we take every step cautiously and seriously. 

Who are we?

We,, are here to guide you to glide through the best online casinos when you look for online gaming options. We help you with rating, reviewing, and comparing all the licensed and unlicensed online casinos for the better gaming experience. We never compromise with the protection of your personal information, and we take care of keeping everything in perfect order. Our readers and all the players can be assured of sharing their credentials with our site. Your safety is our responsibility.

Privacy policies are compiled information used to serve the players in the right way by keeping the information transparent and well in the knowledge of the players and readers. In this section, we acquaint you with how we use your personal details. We will give you a gist of the process of using, collecting, protecting or otherwise dealing with your credentials. This section will enable you to understand the reason we collect, store, and use your classified information.

What is the need to collect information, and what information we collect?

Online Casinos Sweden collects different pieces of information from the ones using our website. The reason we collect the details is to check the region of accessibility and for how long it is being used. It can help our website usability and help us to make modifications in future. This information will automatically transmit via visitor’s device except for the user has any blocking method to keep his whereabouts hidden. The blocking methods are pretty normal these days.

  1. Device information: The data of the device is tracked, and it includes details about the operating system, model, and all the information that can be extracted for future perspective.
  1. IP address: It is an automatic procedure where our website’s internet server catches and saves the IP address of your computer. 
  1. Personal details: When a user is interested in exploring our site and wants to know more about any special campaign or competition might be flaring on screen at the moment. We ask the user to fill a form with all his/her personal information like name, email address, home address, sex, age, date of birth, phone number, profession, or opinion on any topic. When you agree to share such information, you accept that we can use those details for marketing purposes. If you disapprove of the terms and feel like withdrawing the sharing of your details, you can contact us any time and share your grievance at our website’s feedback section. We respect our user’s privacy and take utmost care the details shared by them with us.
  1. Comments: When users comment on the site, we collect the data displayed in the form, as well as the IP address of the visitor and the user agent string of the browser to help detect spam. You may provide an anonymized string generated from your email address (also called a hash) to see if you are using it. Your profile picture is available to the public in the background of your comment, after approval of your comment.
  1. Cookies: Our website uses cookies to make our service more user-friendly by collecting data relating to your use of our website. We can also recognize the user again on their subsequent visits to our website with the help of said cookies. You have the ability to choose if your browser uses cookies, and you can even choose to uninstall all cookies at a later date if you like.

It is the responsibility of our website’s servers to record the activity log when the users interact with the services offered on our site. The activity log reports the IP address, the pages that are visited, language usage, date and time of access, and the browser the user is using. On the contrary, this is all the information the user provides us, and it is totally voluntary, like beginning with a transaction.

With whom we share your details?

We may forward your personal data to the companies associated with us, and it is known as the internal sharing of user details. In simple words, it will not leave our website’s premises at any cost. 

  1. The bodies having access to your details: As a user, you might be looking for online gaming options, so there are chances we have to convert your details to the third-party service providers, online gaming websites, game providers, platform providers, payment gateway processors, auditors, contractors, and certain financial bodies.
  1. Legal obligations: To comply with a specific legal or regulatory requirement, such as concerning our legal obligation to identify and verify the users properly, we may also need this sharing & processing to use third-party electronic database providers such as credit reference agencies that allow us to verify customer details.
  1. Card details: Card information is processed and displayed in a truncated format upon potential re-use to provide convenient access to the services contracted for customers making deposits using their credit or debit cards. It is your personal data and will be used only for the purposes mentioned here. In compliance with Card Scheme Legislation, the data is kept safe and is not accessible by any authorities at Online Casinos Sweden. Card Scheme Regulations require us to tell you that we will store this data and that you will be informed of this processing when you make your first deposit. If you proceed with the transaction, this processing will be considered to have been agreed to.

We also keep in mind that the sensitive details should comply with the responsible gaming requirements or Anti-Money Laundering to prevent any crime in progress or detection of fraud or criminal investigation. It is a process that includes cross-references to sporting or regulatory integrity bodies.

For how long we retain your data?

In compliance with regulatory guidelines and requirements, we maintain all client personal data and documents for at least years after the closing of the account. 

  1. The tenure to retain the data: We regularly delete client records where the account has been closed for more than 5 years. If a current user demands a right to cancellation, this will be possible just 5 years after the request for the right to erasure. 
  1. Data under retention period: We will have to maintain such details under legal duty even after this time has expired (to responsible gambling and self-exclusion). We will take the befitting steps to ensure that the privacy of your data is protected for retention periods.

The personal details you share with us is transferred to our affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers or our company operating abroad. When you submit your personal details on our website, you accept the terms of suing that information as mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

What are your rights over your personal details?

Once you have shared your information with us, and you start to use our services, you are eligible to know the whereabouts of your credentials. The process of collecting, storing, and using the user’s details start when the user willingly provides us with the information. This data is intact with us till the time user does not ask to delete it from our database. 

  • Right to access the details: You have the right to enquire about the sort of information we have stored in our database, and you will have to pay a sum to visit the location of your information. Also, you can see the copied versions of your details for a price.
  • Right to erasure: Once you can locate your personal information and if something is not right. You can ask to add or change the details. You have the right to notify our website to refrain from collecting, storing or using your classified information anymore. Also, you can ask our team to delete your personal information from our data completely.
  • Right to erasure: This right gives you an authority to request us to delete your details when there is no requirement to continue the process of the data on a lawful basis.
  • Right to rectify the personal data: You can ask us to make changes in any of your personal data that we are using which is incorrect.
  • Right to be notified: You have the right to get notification about the impact of your personal details.
  • Right to data transfer: It is same as the right to access personal details, it allows you to obtain your details in an electronic format that you can transfer them to another firm or company, but it should be relevant.
  • Right to stop the processing of your data: You have every right to object the process of your personal details. It is entirely based on your consent or our legal interest. However, considering your objections or desire to limit processing, we will be allowed to continue processing if there are compelling substantive reasons or legal obligations. 
  • Rights regarding automated profiling and decision-making: You have the right not to be subject to a decision based individually on automated processing, i.e. without human intervention, where you are legitimately affected or otherwise substantially affected by that decision. We assert that we do not make automatic choices of this sort.

This process can take place any time as it is your personal details, and you have the right to set your mind on whether to showcase them or not. Once your mind is set, and you make a decision, we are ready to help and do the needful.

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