Dream Big and Play Dream Catcher Online

The dream catcher is a perfect blend of the traditional wheel of fortune and roulette. It has tugged at players’ heartstrings across the globe in a short span of time. 

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How to strategize and play Dream Catcher Online?

It’s time to play dream catcher live casino games. The only difference is that the dream catcher has a few bets in the game, while roulette can confuse new players with so many different bets. The most crucial part is to find a suitable online casino to play dream catcher. A quick tip to refine your search while looking for an online casino, always go for the casino offering games from Evolution Gaming. Since Evolution Gaming has invented this game, every casino offering games from this developer makes room for the dream catcher.

The Dream Catcher live casino games online are divided into three different parts. a. To have a game plan to make the bets. b. To have a wheel of fortune which spins the numbers to confirm your winning or losing. c. To have game values to spin the wheel, entertain the players, and tell the rules. The trick is to bet on the numbers you reckon the game values will spin. It will amplify your chances to play a live dream catcher with many surprising twists.



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What are profit payments and betting options?

Now we will take a look at some betting options available to play dream catcher live casino games. There are six investment alternatives available. Unlike roulette, there are no corners, splits, and a chip that can be affixed on a single number only in live dream catcher online games. 

  1. The winning aspects: You can bet on more numbers in the same game round if you wish to. The various betting options available are 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, and 40. You can choose to bet on one or more numbers. After you place your bets, the value of the game spins the wheel of fortune. If this lands on any of your chosen numbers, you win. The game then goes on like this. 
  1. The profit aspects: The different numbers on the board are also the same as the winnings you get from a particular bet. Namely, number 1 pays 1x your bet, 10 pays 10x your bet, etc. To simplify this, let us take an example of where you bet SEK 100.
  • You are eligible to make a profit of SEK 100 if you win a bet of 100 on 1.
  • You are eligible to profit from SEK 1000 if you win a bet of 100 on 10.
  • You are eligible to profit from SEK 4000 if you win a bet of 100 on 40.

It seems easy and stark as the larger numbers are paying higher profits, but it is not a cakewalk, though. Logical investment may lead you towards losing too.

What do you understand by multipliers?

In addition to these numbers, we are also talking about x2 and x7 multipliers. If the wheel spins to land on one of them, the wheel will spin again. The winning will be then multiplied by either 2x or 7x. 

  1. Round 1: The exciting thing about this is you can have a few multipliers in a row, and all the multipliers will be multiplied by each other. For example, if you get x7 and x7, the following spin-paid winnings will be 49x. If one bet on 10, and you win if you have such a multiplier, you win an amazing 490x win. 
  1. Round 2: The wheel is turned again, and as per the initial bet, bets are paid out. However, depending on the multiplier, it stopped on all odds are boosted by either 2x or 7x. For example, if you put a 10 bet and the wheel stopped for the first spin on 7x, and for the second on 10, your bet will payout at 70/1 odds.
  1. Round 3: If more than one multiplier in a row stops the wheel, the odds are multiplied again. This can contribute to big payouts from a small stake. Adjusting the previous example, if the wheel stopped at 7x twice in a row before landing at 10, the odds would rise to 490/1.

It is a huge win, and there is no maximum limit to how big a multiplier can be. Evolution Gaming has still set a maximum limit of $500,000 for Dream Catcher (around 5 million kronor).

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The strategies, RTP, and game plan to play live dream catcher online

Let us take a quick tour of the wheel of fortune and see how many numbers there are. As the plan where you bet the chips is pretty basic. There is a relatively less chance of getting bigger wins on the higher numbers you bid. If you take notice, the different numbers have a slight difference in the repayment percentages. You should know it clearly to make the most out of the money you have from the best bets you made.

  • The RTP for No. 1 is 95.41%.
  • The RTP for No. 2 is 95.60%.
  • The RTP for No. 5 is 91.34%.
  • The RTP for No. 10 is 96.70%.
  • The RTP for No. 20 is 92.85%.
  • The RTP for No. 40 is 90.93%.

It is clear that 10, 2, and 1 have the best percentage of payback, and they are the best to bet on over the long term. A strategy can be chosen based on volatility, as well. Either you bet on lower numbers that come more often than not but give you small profits, which means that you have low volatility, or bet on higher numbers that come less often but give you higher profits, which means you have high volatility. You decide to prefer the way you play live dream catcher, but as you can see, Number 10 is an appropriate combination of elevated volatility and high RTP altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

With multi-platform gaming firmly in mind, the game came into existence in 2017 and available for both desktop and mobile. It is fully compliant with the platforms of the iPhone, iPad and Android. The game has been thoroughly optimized for mobile, ensuring that mobile phones and tablets’ smaller display screen do not take away the actual vibes.

As it is a live casino game, you cannot play Dream Catcher for free. Many online casinos sell demo versions of their RNG games, just for fun, which are free. However, free play is not currently available to players due to the live dealer games’ specialized nature and the higher costs of delivering them. However, it is possible to play live dream catcher for lower rates at smaller stakes.

The maximum amount in this game goes around 5000x the bet players place.

Yes, this online casino game is open for every player, whether new or pro. Anyone is welcome aboard to enjoy the thrill of this game.


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