Riveting prospects of Betting without a License

Betting without a Swedish license is setting its roots in every terrain of this planet. No matter how trendy it is getting, the players are still spinning their heads around the concept. 

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What gaming sites and betting companies do with No Swedish License?

The gambling and gaming sites have to follow the rules and regulations since the Swedish Gambling Act came into force in January 2019. A couple of restrictions are imposed on the ones with licenses in Sweden, and many find it hard to go with the licensing restraints. It is then sites that offer betting without license 2021 take the shot and propose better deals to the players.

It aids the players in branching-out their horizons and tests their skills out of the Swedish Market. These gaming companies are unbound to follow the Swedish Gambling Act’s standards and can make their own set of changes. There is no harm in collaborating with these sites.



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How does betting without a Swedish license work?

Betting without a Swedish license means you bet on a gaming industry that is not part of the Swedish economy. After 2019, to be active in Sweden, all gaming companies must possess a Swedish license. 

  1. Online casinos without a Swedish license: Several sites chose to apply for this license, but others refused. These sites will not function in the Swedish gaming market due to the decision to forfeit the Swedish gaming license. It implies they do not market themselves to Swedes in general. 
  1. Players: They can select gaming companies on their own. There is nothing illegal about preferring an international betting site or an online casino for betting without a license, and they are free to select where they want to play. It betokens that they have to take a little more responsibility and check out the betting site before depositing money and start playing. They should evaluate the legality of the gaming site.

Before setting your mind on a bet, you should know that it is a complicated business, and you should be well-acquainted with it. The actual odds could be a significant benefit over a bookmaker, but the players could even lose a hefty amount if they have no idea about what is going on? 

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What is the meaning of a Swedish gaming license?

A recent law called the Gambling Act deregulated online gaming in Sweden. The Gambling Act was swiftly followed by a Gambling Ordinance that provided the Act’s rules with greater clarification. 

  1. Act and the ordinance: For the first time, the current law aimed to regulate remote gambling in Sweden and opened up licensing operations in the marketplace. A particular section on Commercial Online Gaming and betting comes in this section. 
  1. Aim of the gambling act: The gaming law intended to increase the Swedish gaming market’s regulatory oversight and enforcement. 

As gaming firms took into account completely new rules to comply with, this gaming team completely changed the Swedish gaming industry. The priority is to establish a regulator to focus on wellbeing and public safety, and it is for both land-based and online casinos.

How is state monopoly related to betting without Swedish license?

There was a state monopoly on gaming through the state gaming company before the Gaming Act. On the other hand, the supply was inadequate, leading other international players to start-up sites by targeting a wide variety in the Swedish market for betting without a license. 

  1. Impact of betting without a Swedish license: It means that, with betting without a Swedish license in the region, Sweden’s dominant power suffered significant consequences. The state monopoly on the gaming industry got eliminated by the implementation of the recent gaming law.
  1. Consequences: Eventually, the operators, considering the state monopoly, had to work from abroad. For example, some went to the Philippines or Macau, and they have licenses issued from those countries. 

They need a Swedish gaming license granted by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate for betting without license 2021 business to be active in Sweden today and targeting Swedish players.

What is the role of the betting exchange?

A betting exchange allows players to bet against each other, where an online casino works as a mediator that connects them. A traditional bookmaker ensures the players about the edge to make money is built-in every bet. But the betting exchange sites have a commission percentage on the bet that wins, and it falls under 2-5%. If the players have always played with a bookmaker, then the betting exchange terminology will feel alien-ish to them. There are two types of bets on an exchange: Lay Bets and Back Bets.

  1. Lay bets: A lay bet is where the player thinks that it is not going to win. The same example of a race with twelve horses, putting a lay bet on one of them. The player hopes that each of the other eleven horses will win instead of that one. If the punter’s horse has put wins, they lose their bet, and the Backer wins, while the Backer loses and the Layer wins. Betting is what bookmakers do to you, but they build up in margins giving shabby odds.
  1. Back bets: These are the ones in which the player assumes that the thing they’re betting on will happen. Say you chose a horse in a race of twelve horses; a back bet would mean that you think that the horse you’re betting on will win the race at the expense of the other eleven horses that are taking part in the game. It is the same concept as betting on something with a traditional bookmaker, except that you need to find someone else giving you a bet on the market.

There are two other main reasons you need to find someone laying the business back. You can only bet up to the sum that the person making a bet is willing to accept, known as the matching bet. There will be many people who mark the same market at various odds, the best odds won’t necessarily give the place for the stakes you want, so you will need to back up a bet with someone who has lower odds but agrees on higher stakes.

What are the benefits of betting without a license?

Since the early days, online betting has constantly been evolving, and today’s betting sites have so much more to offer than they used to. In particular, the top sites keep getting better and better, so it’s no surprise to us that the popularity of online betting continues to grow. There is a list of plus points to consider while betting without a Swedish license.

  1. Secure: If an online casino is without a Swedish license, doesn’t mean it is unlicensed. It may have a license from Curacao or Malta. They are licenced and supervised, so they MUST obey the regulations. Even if they wished to, they couldn’t get away with cheating you off. Moreover, there is no point in fleeing away when they started to establish in the first place. They are legitimate companies that are expected to follow certain norms to stay in business. Online casinos without a Swedish licence are valid, and players can trust them with their funds and personal details.
  2. Convenient: If metaphorically spoken, it is Sunday, and you do not have much to do. You decide to play some games online. You have to switch on your device and search for online games of casino games and start betting. Can anything be this convenient, to get a casino right in your device? 
  3. Payouts and bonuses are better: Online casinos without a Swedish license have low to no protocols to follow plus they have many bonuses for their players at almost every step. All players have to keep in mind is the bonuses’ wagering requirement, and they are good to go.

There are zillions of individuals worldwide, making their wagers online every day, many of whom refuse to gamble in any other way. And yet there are still several individuals to bet online who are Hesitant. Some have legitimate problems, and others probably don’t know all that online betting has to offer.

How does game break affect betting without a license?

The Swedish online casino players are quite familiar with the term ‘game break.’ As a player, if you feel that you are beginning to indulge most of the time in online casino games, then a game break needs to halt your playing habits for some time. If you are a newbie to an online casino and have no specific idea of how things workaround, there is a lot to learn before choosing an online casino.

Game break: There is no doubt that online casino games are very addictive, and they can make the players wide awake for days. It is easy to click the ‘Pause’ button and stop playing for time being. In reality, pausing and stopping for some time is out of the equation with online casino games. That is why Sweden had to take the matter in its hand and pass the law to offer game breaks to all the licensed online gaming sites available in the Swedish market. However, it is not just a break from the game, but a temporary pause over the access to the gaming accounts for a specific time.

  • Once a player chooses to take a game break, it cannot be undone. Any gaming company with a Swedish gaming licence has direct links where you can easily trigger game breaks as a player. 
  • You would then be able to pick from a break of 1, 3 or 6 months. You will never be able to cancel your break until the time you originally chose.
  • Another option is that the game break takes over the account for the next 12 months. If you wish, you can unblock your account after a year has passed so that you can return to the online casino games.
  • Once the game break applies on the player’s account, they won’t be able to get any notifications, advertisements, or news updates from that online casino. Everything that could lure a player to the games would be on a complete halt.
  • However, if players choose to play with the foreign casinos, they will not find the hindrance to their games via game break as it is only applicable for licensed casinos.

A player can self-discipline himself to play online casino games for a limited time and take a leave when they should. According to his pocket-value, there will be no reason to go for game breaks when a player can take a break by himself.

Do players pay taxes on their winnings at an online casino without a license?

First, to address this question, it is essential to realise that the situation can differ and it depends on the number of variables. The winnings at an unlicensed casino are not tax-free in general. But this only affects casinos licensed outside of Europe, such as those that hold the eGaming licence from Curacao. In those casinos, you would have to pay a 30 per cent tax on winnings above 100 kr. 

Simultaneously, while they do not have a Swedish licence, casinos licenced in a European country, such as Malta, allow you to win without worrying about taxes. But the catch here is, if the casino doesn’t target Swedish teams, the winnings will only be tax-free. It’s a sketchy matter, but you can quickly tell whether or not the casino targets Swedish players by merely looking at its website. Some main points that you should be mindful to check if:

  • The website contains any Swedish content. 
  • The games offered are in Swedish kronor. 
  • The bonuses and promotions are in the Swedish currency as SEK.

If the chosen website has all of the above points, it targets Swedish players, and you will have to give 30 per cent of the winnings to the online casino.

What are the benefits and challenges of online casinos without a license?

The difference that hangs like a silver lining between a licensed and unlicensed casino is the factor of risk. However, it is one option to look for the casinos’ benefits and challenges without a license.


  • A wide range of games
  • compatibility for mobile
  • The simple and quick registration process
  • High payout bonus offers


  • There is a chance that games might be rigged.
  • Do not meet the benchmark.
  • Player’s protection is questionable. 
  • Inaccessible wagering requirements.
  • Do not tie-up with the best software providers.

The casinos without a license do not follow any standards, and they might lack protection at times. It is advisable to study the casino you are about to choose to play. The reviews, ratings, forums about the casino will help you make a decision.

How to choose the best online casino without a license?

Unlicensed Casinos are a refuge for players trying to break from licenced gaming sites’ daunting strict laws. These site operators know just what players need, and they offer it in abundance, from incredible rewards to alternative casino games and different modes of payment. It isn’t easy to accommodate the high cost of securing a local licence, and these casinos decided to stand on their own.

  • The online casino’s reputation stretches to miles, and it is the most important factor to consider.
  • The level of security matters when it comes to keeping personal information confidential. 
  • The payout rates and modes of transaction.
  • The game variants are available or not.
  • If the casino does not have a Swedish license, then is it from Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao?

While gambling is fun, it isn’t right to try it on any random website. It is crucial to play for real money at the right place. Consider the above aspects and make the best option for online casinos to enjoy unlimited games.

What are the different types of bonuses at online casinos without a license?

There is a huge range of bonuses at casinos without a licence. There is a different set of limitations at casinos without a license. Therefore, many operators who do not possess a licence tend to invest entirely in their players’ bonuses and other benefits. It is also the rewards that will decide whether or not a player returns to the casino. They also offer other forms of deals and the evergreen welcome bonus that the majority of all casinos without a licence offer.

  • Welcome bonus
  • No turnover or no wagering bonus
  • Cashback
  • No deposit bonus
  • Free spins
  • Loyalty programs or VIP programs
  • Other bonuses

One thing to take note of, whether you are playing at a licensed or unlicensed casino is to check and recheck the terms and conditions of the bonuses. This piece of information is completely relevant and applies to any casino you choose. Every casino has wagering requirements for the bonuses they deliver. Otherwise, players can exploit the rewards and casinos may lose big amounts.

What are the criteria for the Swedish gaming license?

A betting without license 2021 site needs to be available with a couple of responsibilities to get a Swedish Gambling License. They represent as follows:

  • There is only one bonus award per player and group.
  • There is an exclusive place for moderate marketing.
  • Their registration and verification are mandatory with e-identification.
  • An authentic connection is a must for the gaming company.
  • The maximum betting limit is to be set by the players.
  • The gambling companies should pay 18% of their net benefit.
  • The betting site allows the players to set game limits.

The Gambling Commission issues gambling licenses, regulates online gambling, and selects the most eligible casinos to give a permit based on their code of conduct and business practices.

Online Casinos Sweden is brimming with expert and up-front reviews, comparisons, and ratings of hundreds of top online casinos. The well-versed guides will take you to the shores with big scores at online gaming. We aim to save your time while picking the best suitable website to play.