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Play with Casinos without Swedish License

Since the new Swedish Gambling Act flapped its wings in Sweden, casinos without Swedish license grabbed the opportunity and came up with a truckload of better and flexible offers for their players.

casino without a gaming license

How to describe Casinos without a Swedish license 2021?

It’s a casino that has decided not to apply for a Swedish gaming license granted by the Swedish gaming Inspectorate, clearly described. Casinos must impose stringent limits on bonuses, like implementing a play break feature and introduce a 3-second rule for slot machines to obtain a Swedish license. Many casino companies claim that these new regulations minimize their customers’ enjoyment of casino games, so they chose to refuse a license from Sweden.

It does not suggest that these casinos do not have a license but have it from another gaming authority. Countries like the United Kingdom, Malta, or Curacao license the bulk of these so-called international online casinos. The UK (UKGC) license is one of the strictest licenses, and the Swedish license is also demanding. The Maltese and the Curacao license are not that strict.


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Is it legal to choose casinos without a Swedish license?

Yes, absolutely, it is! The new regulations are steering in the direction of casinos that do not possess a valid Swedish license. There is no regulation expressly banning entry to non-licensed sites for Swedish players. Under the rule, even though they are on the “self-suspension” list, players have the right to register and play at casinos without a license in Sweden.

    1. The government is not responsible: Playing with casinos without a Swedish license is like making a purchase of goods and services from an online Non-Swedish website. It is not illegal in any sense, but if there is any problem with the purchase, the Swedish consumer agency doesn’t have a say in that.
    1. It is not illegal: Players can play for real money at online casinos as long as they are overseas. The Government cannot prosecute the players for choosing online casinos of their will. Hence, a player is not guilty of playing if that casino’s country has no legal restrictions. The Swedish authorities have nothing to do with the activities, though.

However, it is quintessential to note that various rules apply if you are playing at a licensed casino compared to casinos without a license. Since January 2019, the game plan has changed not only for the gaming owners but also for the gamers. The introduction of a recent law is, in fact, to enhance protection measures for the Swedish players in the first place.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of casinos without a license?

Spinning has no limit. You can spin as expeditiously as possible. No one is there to advise you that you have to wait three seconds before you can spin again. So, it’s a lot more fun and more enjoyable for individuals who love to gamble easily.

    1. Loads of bonuses. The welcome bonus, cashback, deposit incentives, and so on are open to you. The amount of benefit that will be available to you has no limits.
    1. No bankID required: There’s no need to check your bank ID account before you can withdraw money. No limitations or prohibitions that can forbid you from playing as much as you want.
    1. Convenience: A player wishes to get an ambience to match the vibes of the game, and if he gets all of it without stepping out of place, it is a blessing in disguise for him. Online casinos bring all the fun and entertainment to the players, right at their fingertips.

Well, much of the sweet and nice words about online casinos without a license. Let’s flip the coin and look at the disadvantages as well.

    1. Fun can turn into addiction: The players can get easy access at any time. This is plausible for the players who know their limits to stay for a game, but those who cannot fight the urge to play non-stop are in a dire situation.
    1. Secluded environment: Online casinos take care of the privacy of their players. But at times, it gets way too private for the players who like to spread their sociable aura around and interact with new people all the time.
    1. Players can fall prey to scammed casinos: Most of the online casinos without a license are honest and reliable, but not all. This builds up the chances of scams at times when the players are not watchful of their activities.

The norms of online casinos vary and depend on different factors. It is for the players to go through the terms and conditions of the online casino they pick to play.

Which are the most popular online casinos without a Swedish license?

An online casino with a Swedish license has many protocols. They certainly agitate the player and rather than enjoying the games, they feel like quitting the games once and for all. The players find the imposed restrictions of licensed casinos quite daunting, and they hardly give a thought before choosing to play at online casinos without a license.

Here is a list of well-known casinos without a Swedish license.

    1. King Billy casino: In 2017, it began the journey, and it was an overnight sensation! Winning a reward with the first year of activity for the Best New Casino is a glue-clue equipped with everything needed to provide an outstanding experience. Another good omen to the time well-spent comes from the appearance of the website.
    1. Unique casino: It is a respected platform for online casinos that have been around since 2016. The casino provides many games from reputable suppliers such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic, Play’n GO, and others. The website’s elegant outline gives off a class and wealth vibe and quickly lands the players to the desired page.
    1. Betchain casino: The most eminent company in 2013, Direx N.V. was behind the Betchain Casino, that embossed its name in the online gambling industry. Ever since they have developed a good reputation for being a fair and secure atmosphere for casinos. Betchain Casino is a cryptocurrency-based casino with proven equal gaming features and welcomes high rollers with specially crafted games for them.  
    1. Lucky bird casino: It is most recent to enter the world of online casinos, and it seems to be here to stay. The layout is simple, but its elegance hides in the things that really matter. It provides a range that satisfies even the most demanding player, overflowing with slots, a great selection of live casino games and table games. It has also collaborated with various vendors that make it impossible not to find a game that suits you.
    1. Slotwolf casino: Slotwolf Casino was set up by the company N1 Interactive Ltd in 2019. It began with an enticing site layout dominated by exuberant purple and white colours with symbols of the howling wolf penetrating the site on the flying start. Malta Gaming Authority affiliates it, that shakes away all the doubts regarding unfair gaming.
    1. Stake casino: Medium Rare N. V. brought Stake Casino into existence in 2017. It was the first online casino to introduce cryptocurrency. Medium Rare N. V. also runs a crypto casino named Primedice. Stake Casino is exclusively a casino for crypto-gambling. No fiat currencies are to offer, but you can opt for seven cryptocurrencies.
    1. Slottica casino: It took its flight in 2019, and there is no looking back ever since. As you can conclude from the name, it has a heavy focus on slot sports. From popular providers such as Play ‘n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin, and many more, more than 3000 titles are listed in it. The live casino is impeccable, as it has around 180 live tables. 

Many casinos applied for a license as soon as the market became regulated, while others opted to refrain from getting a license. A significant proportion, however, chose to continue operating without a license in the area. While there are some reasons why anyone would prefer a licensed casino, there are similar reasons to go for an unlicensed casino in Sweden.

What is the difference between an unlicensed and licensed online casino?

While searching for casinos or viewing particular casinos’ reviews, you must have stepped over some phrases that say whether it is a licensed or unlicensed casino. But, sometimes you are not sure about the difference between them. Here is a brief description of the differences between the two.

    1. Timely optimization: Compared to non-licensed casino sites, the individual developers from the ever-growing company programme all the licensed casino settings individually. The casino that owns the programme will not temper the interest of the slot machine. Besides, an independent firm checks the random number generator of a licensed casino, and the machine undergoes periodic monitoring by the operator.
    1. Restrictions: The winning proportion is very limited in non-licensed casinos. That is because the casinos are manipulating the random number generator’s settings and making it cost you less. But not only is this strictly restricted, but also unlikely in a licensed casino, as a legal gaming authority periodically tests the setting of the number generator.
    1. Confirmation of the license: It isn’t that hard to find a licensed casino. In general, a licensed casino has legal details listed on its website, often in the footer area, such as license number, name of the licencing company, the jurisdiction of the approved, etc. Non-licensed casino sites, on the other hand, do not have any such records. They can assert a license from Cyprus or a license from Curacao. But do not fall victim to this trap, as these license providers are often biassed and do not have any authentic RGN randomness certificate.
    1. Odds of winning: A precise and correct randomness factor is obtained on any spin or roll in a licensed casino. For this reason, by looking at the records of its winning odds and the randomness of the occurrence of winnings, a licensed casino can be established. Also, every win and loss is verified by the governing body. Therefore, you would be assured that the damages are random and a matter of chance, if you lose matches in a row playing in a licensed casino.

Now that you have come to know the distinctions between a licensed casino and a non-licensed casino and their mode of activity, you have learned that it is serious and can have a major impact on your game.

What does game break mean?

For anyone who plays at Swedish online casinos, it might not be news that there is a chance of a game break. But maybe you didn’t give much of a thought to your game starting to take over, and a game break occurs. If you’re a budding player, you should make an acquaintance with everything related to an online casino, and there’s a lot you need to know a lot before you register on a gaming site.

    1. Pause and wait: Pausing your gaming affairs for some time might sound okay, to stop playing for a while. If it were this simple, Sweden would not have introduced game break as a law that all gaming sites on the Swedish market should offer game breaks from time to time. And then we mean a game break in the sense that players should be able to stop accessing their gaming accounts for a certain period of time.
    1. Tenure of break: You cannot undo the game break on your own if it takes place. Each gaming company with a Swedish gaming license has clear links to its gaming site, where you can easily activate game breaks as a player. You can choose between a 1, 3 or 6-month break. You will never be able to cancel your break earlier than the time you select in the first place.
    1. Break on advertisements too: When you decide on a game break, it’s not just your gaming accounts that make you unreachable. You will also no longer see any direct advertising from gaming companies during the same timeframe when you have the game break enabled. It is strictly forbidden for gaming companies to attract you to games once you decide to take a break.
    1. A break on the gaming account: There’s another option when it comes to game breaks, and that’s restricting your accounts for an indefinite time. It portrays that you cannot cancel a game break until 12 months. After a year has gone by, you can, if you wish, unblock your account so that you can play online casino games again.

There’s a significant difference in the game break before and after the Swedish game license and the Swedish game license. Of course, you can put a halt on your game without triggering a game break on your own, but it requires even more self-discipline. Therefore, it is very convenient that there is a way to mark the boundaries for yourself further when necessary.

What is an MGA casino?

The definition of MGA for any online casino is trust. The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the world’s largest regulatory bodies. 

    • It has increased the online gaming environment standards over the years and subjected license applicants to the most rigorous tests to look for the best gambling operators. 
    • The MGA goal is to make gaming safer and fairer, which is why it continually focuses on setting new benchmarks to safeguard players’ interests around the world. 

The authority also works to meet the iGaming market’s ever-evolving requirements and ensure that gaming is kept free of violence. The regular players are well aware that most online casinos have the license issued by MGA.

What are the key benefits of choosing MGA casinos?

For casino operators online, a license from the Malta Gaming Authority is no less than a holy grail. It is valued and challenging to get. The ones who get it, however, rate high on the reputation metre. The benefits of choosing an MGA casino are:

    • Casinos governed by MGA are outside the national self-exclusion program, and it is free from such rules.
    • The casinos under MGA are safe and accountable, and players can play without fear of unfair or insecure games.
    • Casinos with MGA licenses are known to give away more bonuses.
    • There is no such limitation on the deposit amount, and players can play as they want.
    • Every other casino has a 3-second spin interval rule, but MGA-based casinos bear no such rule.

It is completely a matter of personal choice that a player prefers to play at an MGA approved casino. It also depends on the player’s nation of residence. MGA licensees’ online casinos come with a mixed bag of benefits and drawbacks, the former is greater than the latter.

What are Curaçao casinos without a Swedish license?

Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean Sea and, since 1996, has been active as a licensing authority. It is one of the pioneers in this respect. Hence, the online gaming world finds an undisputed value of the Curacao license.

    • A Curaçao license for an online gaming operator means that the government of Curaçao has agreed to comply with the gambling laws and regulations put in place. While in Germany or the Nordics, such casinos may not be locally licensed, they are still competent and admissible as reputable online gambling destinations.
    • In Germany, Holland or any of the Nordic countries, an online gambling operator that has not been licensed is often referred to as a ‘casino without a license’ or an ‘unlicensed casino.’ As is evident, in the true sense of the term, these casinos are not unlicensed. Instead, they hold a license under a foreign jurisdiction from a separate regulator.
    • Curacao’s license, however, is still trustworthy and credible. It is regulated by the Netherlands, making it compliant with EU online gambling requirements. Except in countries where gambling has been banned, Curacao casinos can sell their gaming and betting goods almost anywhere. 

All forms of gaming operations, including casinos, lottery, sports betting, betting exchanges and other skill and chance games, are protected by a single license.

What are the highlights and challenges of Curacao casinos?

Overall, the highlights outweigh the challenges, which is why the Curacao online-Gaming licensed casinos are still popular with European players. As a Dutch, German, Scandinavian, or a player from any European country, you will have some great advantages when you choose to play at a Curacao-licensed casino.

Elaborating on the perks, here are some prime reasons to play without a Curaçao online casino license. The significant ones are:

    • A window of possibility to play with other cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
    • More bonuses, loyalty programs, promotions, and VIP rewards
    • No national self-exclusion program
    • Security

Where there are good points, the negative points follow automatically. Here are the challenges players may face at a Curacao casino.

    • When it comes to licencing operators, settling conflicts between them and players, and providing customer service, Curaçao online-Gaming has a terrible reputation.
    • Since the licencing process is not very stringent, the license has been successfully obtained by many rogue casinos in the past, putting players at risk.
    •  These regulators have not been able to work for long with the good news. Rogue casinos are being found, and their activities are stalled as the regulator becomes more stringent. 
    • The fact that winnings are taxable is another downside to playing at a Curaçao-licensed casino.

Curaçao has buckled up to take on more responsibility to protect online players in the past few years. The government has incorporated some amendments within the law, among other issues. Operators approved by Curaçao online-gaming, for example, must comply with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which helps fight money laundering, corruption and other crimes.

Is an online casino without a license winning taxable?

The committee in Sweden recommends that a special gaming tax be imposed with 18 per cent on gambling in the competitive market. This tax is payable by the gambling provider, and the tax is on net gambling income, i.e. earnings after winnings paid every month.

    • The players, however, are free to choose online casinos according to their preference. If they choose to play at an online casino with a European Union country license, there is no need to pay the taxes. 
    • But, if the online casino is outside the European Union’s borders, then the winnings are taxable undoubtedly. 
    • The Malta Gambling Commission addresses the European Union license. The Malta Gambling Commission, however, offers non-taxable winnings to all the Swedes.
    • If the players choose to play with the online casino having licensing authority from the UK or Curacao, they will have to pay the tax on their consecutive winnings. This happens only when a casino is chosen from foreign lands.

The committee also recommends that all gaming firms have to pay a licencing and monitoring fee in general. The license will be valid for a given period of time. The payments are based on the turnover of businesses and the number of games involved.

What is the Prerequisite of casinos Without a Swedish license?

Without a license, casinos have to qualify for a formal assessment based on strict criteria to be on the reputed websites. The players have some specific requirements, and they pick the best suiting their interests. The terms are as follows:

    • They should be transparent enough to reveal their taxes and bonuses to the Swedish players.
    • They need to be legit for the Swedish people.
    • They should have an abundance of gaming options with high-quality graphics.
    • The withdrawals for the winnings should be easy and quick.
    • The support system should be available round the clock.
    • Payment methods should be flexible enough.

Swedish players can freely choose an online casino to play. It is common sense that makes pinpoints the reasons to make a valid choice. It applies to almost everything carried out in daily life. All you have to is keep in mind all the merits and demerits of the online casinos without a license and then decide for yourself.

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